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Where Comfort Meets Style!
Where Comfort Meets Style!

“What to watch” Dice Set

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Tired of wasting time deciding what to watch? This set of dice is here to help you. Roll the dice and let fate and chance save you that time. How do they work? This set includes 3 different dice, just roll them and let each one define one of the categories: Format (red dice): Determine the format you are going to watch (movie, series, marathon, etc.) Genre (white dice): Determine the theme and tone of what you are going to see (horror, comedy, drama, etc.) Plan (black dice): Determine other details of the plan (popcorn, dinner at home, glass of wine, etc.) Example: You roll some dice and the result is SERIES+THRILLER+FOOD AT HOME. How about watching La Casa de Papel while you order some pizzas?

Material: wooden dice and PET container. Dimensions: 3x3 cm dice. 5.5 x 5.5 cm container. Language of craps English. Instructions available in English, Spanish and French.