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Ocean Flora Soap Bar

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An ocean lovers soaping dream. A glycerin soap base with seaweed and sea salt on the surface for a mild exfoliant. Seaweed is bio-available which means that the beneficial nutrients in seaweed are easily and readily absorbed by our bodies. It has been proven to tighten loose skin, minimize the appearance of pores, has the highest concentration of anti-oxidants than any other plant and improves collagen production by 200% in aging skin. It also can moisturize and calm the skin. SHEA BUTTER: Effective in reducing inflammation and redness. Shea butter contains important nutrients such as vitamins A and E and other valuable phytonutrients vital to the skin’s healing process. In fact, many people report that using shea butter after surgeries helps with quick healing of incisions – more so than any other method. SAFFLOWER OIL: Contains a high percentage of unsaturated fats, linoleic acid and vitamin E- makes this oil a great antioxidant and ideal for fighting acne and soothing the skin. SPEARMINT: Cooling, refreshing and stimulating effect on the skin. Aromatherapy benefits - relieves headaches.