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Compass Chocolates Cravings Tubes

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Compass Chocolates are passionately committed to using chocolates, with flavours from home and around the world to explore ingredients and their origins.  Made with Direct Trade Cacao, grown and farmed ethically and sustainably.  By drawing heavily on the inspiration from international travels, Compass Chocolates brings creativity and passion into each unique, artisanal product.  Every chocolate is beautifully crafted by hand, encouraging you to discover and enjoy new flavour destinations with us.

Compass Chocolates, proudly woman owned and operated, was founded in 2020 by Priya Winsor, a certified Chocolatier and diplomaed Pastry Chef in St. Albert, AB.



Hazelnut - Layers of 32% caramelized white chocolate and 35% milk chocolate covered candied hazelnuts

Almond - Roasted and candied almonds drenched in 62% dark chocolate and sea salt